Musings OF Elf

My dearly blogging friend Kiri nominated me for a very fun tag. But later part of the then never better, right? 1. Answer the award questions. 2. Go the honor to many bloggers you choose however, using the same or your own questions. 1. What is your selected Disney movie of all right time? That might be Tangled absolutely!

It’s got Flynn, a way fun heroine, Flynn, frying pans, Flynn, entertaining horses, and frog-ahem chameleon, Flynn, awesome plot, and did I discuss Flynn? 5. Everybody loves Disney music. Any movie whose soundtrack you enjoy? Limit you to ultimately three. TANGLED. (Seeing a routine here?) I listen to that soundtrack pretty much daily (and if I ever get hitched highly considering having “I See the Light” at my wedding). For two more. Um. . . Probably The Little Mermaid, she always experienced my favorite performing tone of voice of the princesses and the tracks for the reason that film is just so fun.

And then Robin Hood, maybe? Who doesn’t love those sounds? But maybe Beauty and the Beast. GAH. I don’t KNOW. I don’t have a top three really! They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny! Surrounded by enormous piles of money! Because everybody knows that’s the best. 3) gets the quality of Disney’s film-making decreased as time went on, or has it only advanced?

Well, I think it’s increased a little bit just for the fact that they’re bigger now, have significantly more resources, etc. But I also think the classics are so amazing because, well, they’re classics. It’s whatever we were raised on. Some our parents were raised on. They also have this nostalgia to them that the new ones don’t because, ya know, they’re new.

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But the new ones have deeper, richer reviews, while the classics are happy and nostalgic. And I’m not really going anywhere with this, am I? I’m mainly talking it through with myself because I don’t have an answer exactly. As I first said, their quality has increased due to raised storytelling, bigger budgets, and more advanced technology, but there’s something about the classics that you can’t remake just, even when they try. Perhaps you have seen a few of the sequels they designed to the classics?

So, to answer fully the question (yes, you might sigh in comfort), I wouldn’t say they’ve exceedingly increased or diminished, it’s just different. Not in a negative way or a great way necessarily, just different. 7. Favorite Disney few? Want to have a guess as of this one? The obsession goes deep, people, deep. After all. . . Can you get any more adorable?

8. Favorite Disney sidekick? MEH. WHY THESE QUESTIONS SO DIFFICULT? Does the Mad Hatter matter as a sidekick? I’m not sure he will really. But he is one of the best fictional characters before the history of ever, in all his forms. Am I babbling to place off this question?