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Get great cover artwork. Although it is said that we should never judge a publication by its cover, the known fact is that people all do. Every last one folks. The cover should relay the genre, theme, and overall idea of the whole tale itself in two mere seconds or less, and appearance great in the process. Because that’s all the time that the average person takes in analyzing if they want to even change the book over and read the book explanation. You have an impressive two seconds to fully capture your reader. Make it matter. You cover art is simply as important as your editor.

Pay for this, if you have to. That cash will definitely come back to you in conditions of sales later. Don’t quit. Many writers will write a reserve, even two maybe, so when the sales aren’t what they expect or when that one very rude person leaves a scathing review, they provide up.

Don’t give up. The more you write, the better you feel at writing. You need to have the good sense to know what’s publish-worthy and what isn’t. But just because you didn’t produce publish-worthy materials doesn’t mean that you’re not a good writer. Writing good stories takes time, tolerance, and an immeasurable amount of practice.

I’ll say it again, the greater you write, the better at the art you become. If you value the art, don’t quit. Publish your quality works. When you are feeling you have something publish-worthy, jump out, and try there. Using the advent of self-publishing, you have significantly more freedom than previously in the history of story-telling.