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Ready sources of Bei Kamping despites modern times of Googling and many sources of hobbyists bloggers who are on the ground themselves trading their own money for those real investment return! Real cash in their own NOT and pocket those fantasy profit the Wonderland. A land-banking scheme that offered attractive returns for cash investments in real estate in the United States and Canada has come under the spotlight. 1 million into A2A Capital Management’s tasks between 2011 and 2014 have filed police reviews against A2A. It is believed that many more traders in Singapore have invested with the house development and investment firm, which list about 15 real estate investment projects on its website.

100, information from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority show. A2A has vacated its office in Raffles Place and transferred to the Philippines. It had several plans with different maturity intervals. 10,400) for a “unit” of land in Texas or Ontario, Canada. The traders expected to get their capital plus income back. The distributions would be predicated on the progress of sales and construction.

Property manager Veronica Chen, 33, committed to two strategies. 91 million. This translated into an overall 134 % return for the task. She recalled that an A2A representative got told her verbally and via SMS that she could potentially reap nearly 3 in her preliminary investment sum over 10 years.

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30,000 in a 10-yr project in Texas with expected annual payouts. She stated she has not received any payout. Papers concerning this task – obtained by The Straits Times from Ms Chen – declare that the plan “entails dangers that can lead to a considerable or total lack of capital”. In addition they say “there is absolutely no guarantee, no representation is made, that the investment objectives can be achieved or that the DP (development plan) would be successful”.

27,000 in a Texas project, which was included with a 110 % return following the one-year maturity period. 300,000 in other tasks with a maturity longer, expecting higher revenue. He stated he has not received some of that money yet back. Investor and businessman Vijay N said he was impressed with the marketing presentation and the top, well-decorated office of A2A in Raffles Place.

700 in the center of this past year but it was lower than what he had expected. In Feb When Mr N contacted A2A, its customer services division replied, saying the relocation of its office to the Philippines was the result of the specialists here “putting regulatory impositions” on land-banking products.

So the firm decided to “disband retail sales and functional activities” here. In addition, it stated that the management was focusing on the payout timelines for the projects and would provide an upgrade as they were firmed up soon. Mr N wants to attain out to other investors and organize a meeting to discuss what they can do collectively. The president and chief executive of the A2A band of companies are Mr Foo Tiang Meng Dirk Robert. Mr Foo, 58, who is also a director of A2A, worked well at land-banking firm Walton International previously. A2A told The Straits Times that its query have been “forwarded to management in the US”.