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I ran out of my concealer, so I decided to give the Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette a try. 16.95 and contains 10 concealers ranging from very light to very dark that may be blended together to make the shade you need for your skin layer tone. The last color on the top row and third color on the bottom row blend the best with my epidermis. The Third on the bottom is closest to the color of the concealer I was previously using.

If your have read my reviews on UGB famous peeling gel Here, about today then you would love this Lycoz mask that I am going to talk. LYCOZ is a revolutionary Korean skin care line that uses nature’s secrets to provide your skin layer with the vital nutrients it desires. Safe and soft to your tone, it’s nano-sized materials conform closely to your face and have superior water retention ability.

The absorption power is 10 times much more powerful compared to general pulp materials, to enhance pores and skin vitality and ensure epidermis moisturizing effect. Apply face mask with lips and eye as the center for the top of the face and a lower face each. I love fermented skincare since it does work wonders and a mask that are made with fermented coconut water are sure filled with a lot of goodies for your skin.

The mask may look dense but Bio-Cellulose cover up is in fact used after makeup products procedures in aesthetic clinic to cool down the skin. So, it is a new invention after paper sheet masks and hydrogen. It is also the reason that the mask is more expensive than common paper sheet masks but it is worth the amount of money because bio-cellulose can offer the skin with more moisture than traditional paper sheet masks.

  • Light purple – to give brightening effect on dull epidermis
  • The symptoms get worse
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water followed by chilly water
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Besides, one good thing about bio-cellulose face mask is it won’t dry up on your skin meaning it won’t hurt your skin layer if you have forgotten to eliminate it after 40 minutes. It is also one of the reasons why you could wear it for 40minutes rather than the usual half an hour for paper sheet masks. The consistency of the cover up is something like the Malaysian jelly- nata de coco, which is opaque jelly. It adheres to the shape of your face when applied.

So it won’t budge one bit when it’s on the facial skin. You can certainly do your projects while seated or even exercise since it sure won’t budge even one centimeter. Its fibers’ diameter is much smaller than the seed pulp (used to make sheet masks), so it’s able to keep 10 times more substances than typical sheet mask.

The 3-Dimensional mesh density, no sticky feeling and no artificial adhesive added. So, it is safe for your skin. Please, take away the plastic material and the paper sheet. The Bio-cellulose mask is among those two. It decreases the redness of my face and my face is sure brighter and more supple after the mask.

Get their products at UGB stores or their Lycoz public website. LYCOZ Overnight Bio-Cellulose mask 25g at RM29.90 per sheet. To find out more, please visit UGB Facebook Malaysia. They could be bought by you at Lycos recognized website. They now have an online shop. Product is sponsored. However, the opinions indicated are my own and honest as always here.

Working with my female clients tends to be a bit more involved. Majority of the women are extremely skeptical of any new product I occur front of them. I don’t really blame them. I mean, everyday women are bombarded with advertising for the latest and most significant skin care product appealing to keep us young forever. Most of this is a lot of hooey (yes, I simply used the term hooey) so that it is no wonder women get a little skittish. We buy tons of products, merely to have them sit on our racks collecting dust, or we use the same products we’ve been using since we were teens.

Either way you can lose out on the great improvements in skin care! This is why it is so important never to only find an esthetician you trust, but also become very informed on ingredients, labels, claims, etc. You might also need to be in tune with your skin layer and what’s considered normal.