Full Stack Developer At Primephonic

🧐 Who are you? As an engineering hire at Primephonic, you are someone not afraid of new problems. You’re confident with your coding skills as you have a few years of work experience in a startup already, but you’re not content with solving problems…you want to resolve the right problems just. That’s where your critical thinking and analytical mindset should come into play, by having the perfect mixture of tech product and skills mindset, to help prioritize, optimize, and with the team together, build the most solid streaming service available.

👨💻 Exactly what will you are doing? Primephonic is an electronic music start-up that has been dubbed by the mass media as “the Spotify of traditional music”. Using the best 100% classical music streaming service we seek to reinvent the digital traditional music experience and reignite a global passion for the genre. Classical music enthusiasts are intensely underserved in the digital space currently, and we have the ambition to change this by offering the world’s most comprehensive classical music catalogue, with the highest sound quality and the best search on the market.

At the same time, we spend traditional artists in a fairer way also. Our global roll is planned for the Summer of 2019 away. Located in Amsterdam, with a commercial office in New York City, our rapidly growing team is home to tech enthusiasts and classical music lovers of over 20 different nationalities.

No matter what your role reaches Primephonic, you will get to see hands-on what it takes to create a successful product company. From finance, to product development, to marketing, to everything among, you will get a chance to form our business as we grow. Making sense of centuries of unstructured classical music data is not easy.

Try adding a modern streaming stack on top of it. Now just for fun, throw in an additional taste of Hi-Res lossless audio. Working at Primephonic means having a primary impact in our product and customer’s experiences. With bi-weekly release across all products (iOS, Android & Web), you’ll immediately reach see and gauge the impact of our hard work.

Face-to-face connections from a trusted financial advisor is essential, when navigating important financial decisions especially. Many of our clients take advantage of advantages of remote/mobile deposit, fraud prevention tools, and electronic payments, all of which have been available within the last decade roughly. More recently, we’ve implemented products such as mobile finances (Samsung Pay, Google, and Apple Pay), debit card controls (capability to turn off/manage transactions on debit cards), and real-time alerts. We also completely redesigned our Highland Bank website to provide customers intuitive access to products and a responsive design that adapts to all or any cellular devices.

  • Check-in and boarding problems – 33
  • IESE Business School
  • APA Tips Checklist
  • Business process design document
  • Communicate Regularly

Under the category of “just around the corner” are extended cash management notifications, account aggregation, improved security measures, online applications for commercial credit and deposits product needs, extended payment options, and lastly, improved customization of dashboards and digital device marketing. Offering face-to-face contacts: Nearly all our business clients still choose that face-to-face relationship for certain types of transactions such as borrowing needs, conversations around proper changes to the business, economic changes, acquisitions, and nonconventional funding.

The majority of these interactions take place at the client’s office, which is constant with meeting the customers’ objectives and enhances communication. Furthermore, PNC was the first loan provider in the country to receive REAL-TIME Payments and one of the first to originate REAL-TIME Payments on behalf of clients.

Banking and financial services, since inception, has been and can continue being a people-oriented business. Branch locations, even with the rise of mobile banking, provide an important touch point for customers to talk with their PNC banker. Actually, the branch now acts as a gathering place for consultative interactions with clients about an array of needs.