Germanotta’s Investment Banking Course At Marquette Continues The AIM Program’s Tradition Of Experiential Learning

In 2015, Marquette’s Applied Investment Management (AIM) program formally announced the creation of another monitor – Investment Banking and Private Equity. Dr. David Krause, director of the desire to program, said “We are very happy to add Mr. Jeff Germanotta to your staff. Jeff offers more than 35 many years of experience in investment banking, commercial bank and commercial planning, including extensive experience with commercial services, distribution, commercial, and logistics business models.

This fall – and again in the spring semester – Germanotta will instruct FINA 4081: Investment Banking. The course focuses on developing essential skills essential to flourish in an investment bank, private equity, and corporate development roles. The guests in FINA 4081 include bulge bracket and mid-market investment banks, specialist investment banks, and senior professionals who have gone through leveraged and management buyouts.

Each of these professionals brings a differing career experience. Their firms also operate in diverse areas of the financial markets and students learn from the real-world case studies they talk about. Jeffrey S. Germanotta Mr. Germanotta possesses more than 35 many years of financial and strategic management experience in private collateral, investment bank, commercial bank, and commercial planning.

Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Adjunct Instructor, teaching investment bank, and private equity courses within the Applied Investment Management Program (2015 – present). Limited Partner and Special Advisor to Greenbrair Equity Group LLC; a New York based private equity firm buying the global transportation, logistics, and distribution industries (2013 – present). Limited member and Partner of Source Chain Collateral Partner’s Advisory Table, also Investment and Audit Committees.

A Florida-based private equity firm established to purchase lower middle market UNITED STATES supply string service businesses (2010 – present). Opportunity International’s Board of Directors; a respected global not-for-profit microfinance business headquartered in Chicago, Illinois (involved since 2003). Co-head of the Audit and Risk and Fund Committees. To his retirement in 2013 Prior, Mr. Germanotta was a Principal and Managing Director of William Blair & Company LLC, a Chicago-based global investment-banking firm.

While at Blair, Mr. Germanotta was CoHead of the Supply Chain Services practice within the organization Finance Department and Co-Group Head for the Equity Research Department’s Business Services and Industrial practice. As an investment banker, he aided clients with the execution and formulation of proper initiatives, including capital M&A and boosts activities. As an equity analyst, Mr. Germanotta was consistently known in the Financial Times/StarMine “World’s Top Analysts” search positions. Mr. Germanotta holds a B.A.

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