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In the introduction, she states “As our research makes clear, not only has adoption in rural China been common in this period…the adoption of daughters pretty, in particular, has been popular and popular in many areas. While the details of all the cases are heart-wrenching almost, the ones I recall most are the fathers who stood up to the officials and kept the daughters they had taken into their homes. On page 109, Johnson recounts the knowledge of a man in his fifties who found a baby in the cool and brought her home.

She got jaundice, and he and his wife had taken her to the hospital for treatment, even though it was difficult for them to cover it. Once they had looked after her for several months, local officials came and said they would have to take the baby unless the family could pay a fine add up to twice their annual salary.

The man argued with them, stating that the federal government should be thankful that these were taking care of her and spending money on her treatments. Probably the most interesting thing concerning this series of case studies is that Johnson could re-visit several families much later to see how they were doing.

In her conclusion, Johnson expresses wish that children who lost their own families in China will better know how and why these were positioned for adoption beyond China. For just about any adopted thinking about their origins and understanding more about what occurred in China, this written reserve is essential reading. Isn’t that a great name for a location? And the joyous son pictured on the cover can’t help but attract you in.