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Targeting a viable niche market with an advertising-centered publication can be an almost certain method for profit, so long as you know very well what a viable specific niche market is and recognize one when you view it. 1. A viable niche requires little if any start-up capital, paying for itself as it goes. This is possible quite.

I did it often. 2. A practical market is local and reached by sales repetitions. 3. A practical niche comes with an advertising bottom sufficient to show an income. 4. A practical market presents no nagging problems of distribution, no mailing, no journeying of trucks over long ranges. 5. A viable market can be serviced by a simple publication that one person can quickly create. 6. A viable market can be serviced with a publication that is inexpensive to print out in sufficient amounts to cover the market area.

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  • Protecting a brand name or trademark

7. A viable niche market can somewhere else be easily duplicated, should the opportunity arise. To find such a niche where you live, start with just what a “census is called by me of niche categories.” This is a method for pulling all market possibilities out of the area where you live. The two begin major niche categories consists of closely defined demographic groups that advertisers want to reach.

Older individuals share interests and needs that support a distinct segment, digest-size booklet, for instance, called Senior Sourcebook perhaps. Mothers and Children form a broad group that could support just a little magazine called Mother and Child, or Kids World. In some areas cultural minorities might support a distinct segment market publication. Younger married people using their first homes could be targeted with a Home Owners’ Resource Guide, Budget Home Repair and Renovation, or Time Homeowner First.

Broad religious sections of the populace might, in some cases, be targeted with publications like, say, Christian Merchant. As I walked into a bookstore in South Florida a couple of days ago, I handed down a rack holding more than a dozen free flow consumers and newspapers, all targeting market markets. One of these was the Jewish Journal, targeting the very large Jewish people in Broward and Dade counties. That is a 56-page tabloid, with an advertising-to-editorial ratio of 70 percent. 2. Persons with shared interests to make up another major niche-market category.

Here are just a few examples that come to mind where I live (southern coastline). You will see others in your part of the national country. In smaller trade areas the preceding three might be combined in single called Savannah (the city where I am writing this) Sportsman or Savannah Outdoorsman.

Boat owners. I’ll give one example here. ONCE I lived in South Florida several years ago a cabin was bought by me cruiser – my first big sailboat. My 34-foot Mainship trawler was something of a vintage, but it was looking for a renovation, a task which is tackled with enthusiasm. While carrying this out I noticed that I put found a lucrative niche: a publication that I christened Shipshape, and that would be devoted to yacht reconstruction and repair.