I’m A Fan Of Organic Farming

The latest attack on science originates from a written report from renowned anti-GM activist Judy Carman. Number 2 2 on her ‘research’ team is Mr. Howard Vleiger, the guy that developed the beautiful corn data that likely fabricated amounts. So his stellar trustworthiness may follow him here. Their paper has some nice points in that they finally begin to use relevant numbers and measure lots of health parameters. That’s good. What’s atrocious is the statistical massage therapy (defeating) and the overstepping of the info, so long as some severe defects in experimental design? These have been discussed and I would fill up in a few of the spaces later elsewhere. Good old Mike Adams continues his scholarly interpretation of the literature.

My big complaint here is different. You are screwing “organic” stuff. The record was published within an online journal, the Journal of Organic Systems. Hmm. JOS is an almost non-existent, web-based journal that will not even have a direct effect factor. The JOS has sponsors, one of which is the Organic Federation of Australia. They enhance Seralini’s focus on their homepage.

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This is the problem. Right now the indigent research has been used to manipulate the credulous and breed fear. However, silently in the backdrop there is a mounting discrediting of organic cultivation. The reputable technology of organic production, a self-discipline built on low-input agriculture, is becoming aligned with crackpot science now, dubious reports, crazy activists, and politically-motivated manipulation of data.

I’m a fan of organic farming, a enthusiast that understands its strengths and restrictions. Many small farms use these practices to reach niche markets and stay in business and oftentimes produce a superior product to conventional. I have co-workers that do great work in this certain area. I fear that the continued hijacking of the organic label to vilify sound technology will still only discredit a discipline that needs all the cred it can get. A complete lot of people view organic ag as flaky and unscientific. That’s just wrong and it is changing as good science makes that case.

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