Is The Label ‘hypoallergenic’ Helpful OR SIMPLY Marketing Hype?

Erickson, a senior editor at C&EN, records that the explanations of the terms “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologist examined/recommended” happens to be remaining to the manufacturers that put them on their products. THE MEALS and Drug Administration have not established any criteria for using these descriptions. The last time the agency attempted to do so is at the 1970s, but cosmetic industry giants Clinique and Almay challenged the regulation and ultimately won in an appeals court.

A recent study on 187 personal care products developed for children shows that most contain at least one known epidermis allergen even if they are advertised as hypoallergenic. Some companies are self-regulating and moving away from using certain substances, such as those that release formaldehyde. But that doesn’t necessarily assure a safer product. And one preservative that some manufacturers have considered in place of parabens, that are endocrine disruptors, can cause allergic reactions. Some researchers are contacting for the FDA to step in. But for now, it is to consumers to shop by trial and error up.

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