Makeup Artist Mimi Choi Created Ezra Miller’s Met Gala Look

What was the procedure like for creating these eye? We started the makeup process at 4 AM and took about 5 hours to complete the look as we altered the concept somewhat and performed around with the placement of the eye. I liked the spontaneity and collaborative nature of the process really, as Ezra has such an innovative mind and can be an incredible canvas to focus on. Although the makeup look was completed by 9:30 AM, During the day to touch up the look I trapped around. Each day As we started the procedure early, All day long and past due in to the evening I understood that I had to use products that would last.

I’ve ever seen, buuut the storyline seemed a smidge simple for the epic world too. BUT STILL. The plot was still EPIC, even though Personally i think like it could have been even bigger. The feel of the story is exactly what really drew me in. It’s so very steampunkish but with all manner of weird fairy folk (TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS), and it sensed so…Uk just! I don’t know, something about the style had this witty, snarky British tone which I absolutely adored. And it got a slightly creepy but intriguing odd feel to it also. To me, it so felt just like a Tim Burton movie. Dark and weird but exciting all rolled into one.

Seriously, Tim Burton must up choose that one! The characters were all odd and lovable and unique, the setting was just so bizarrely fun, and the strange mystery of it all kept me reading and reading. This book was amazing, guys! BUT, make sure the sequel is had by you, The Whatnot (which is just as good), on hand because THAT CLIFFHANGER ENDING.

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  • Carole King, “A LONG WAY AWAY”
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  • 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel
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  • Spain (17/10/2018)

I think I’m an uneducated porcupine, because I had formed no idea there is the official sequel to Peter Pan until my bookfairy Celti explained about it. But GUYS. THERE’S THE OFFICIAL SEQUEL TO PETER PAN. Apparently there was some big competition for you to definitely write the state sequel and Geraldine McCaughrean’s story received.

AND WITH JUSTIFICATION. At first I had been suuuuper dubious concerning this story. I’m a Peter Pan purist and had not been sure about someone apart from J.M. Barrie himself writing something cannon for Peter Pan. Peter Pan was my CHILDHOOD. Imagine if this book somehow ruined it for me personally? I’m not a fan of classics being turned into something new.

But I thought I’d at least give this book a go. AND I’M SO GLAD I DID SO. Geraldine McCaughrean did an incredible job capturing the magic of Peter Pan. Honestly, it sensed like J.M. Barrie penned this story, it did really. It captured his style perfectly, humor, and wonder. As well as the heroes were PERFECTION. Wendy especially was exactly the Wendy I know and love.

It didn’t make an effort to change anything, it held true to the personas (most remakes or sequels of classics demolish the original personas, ugh), and felt respectful toward the original story (again, most remakes/sequels/what-have-you so disrespect the initial authors). Honestly, I loved all things about it. It was a delight, and I accept it as canon to the original Peter Skillet story gladly. So if you’re a rabid Peter Pan fan like me, YOU NEED THIS STORY. This series is a fresh obsession of mine because OOOOOH MY GOODNESS. Now, this isn’t exactly heavily fantasy at all.

It’s occur a different world where there are specific mental powers, but it very much feels like our world-cars otherwise, cell phones, and the like reign. BUT IT’S STILL SO EXCELLENT. How do I even explain this book? It’s unlike anything I’ve read. It’s like an apocalyptic setting with mind powers and government conspiracies and military intrigue and immense levels of action and suspense and snarky characters for daaaaays. It’s not only packed filled with action (significantly, incomparable nail-biting, heart-pounding moments), it’s got humor as well and the CHARACTERS.