Mgt411 Final Term Past Papers

Pakistan who offer bonds or stocks and shares to traders. BB: Good credit quality and as of this moment there is certainly low expectation of credit risk. BBB: Good credit quality. “Financial intermediary keep your charges down”. Explain the factors which shift the bond demand Briefly. As the buyer received more wealth their demands for good raise. Discuss briefly the reality about term Structure.

Long term produces have a tendency to be greater than short term connection. Discuss default risk of bond at length. Suppose, there is probability that ABC corp. A lot of shares are out standing up. Price of individual stocks are low. Shareholder can replace managers who are doing bad. Because of limited liability trader only loss do not go beyond the total amount they paid.

  • Paine’s “Age of Reason”
  • Family situation
  • Per-capita income should be used to compare the economic well-being of different countries
  • Outstanding ethics, integrity and common sense
  • SIP and Other Mutual Funds
  • Provide cash capital (required to enter a purchase)
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An individual talk about represents only small fraction of value of the company. This allow individual to make relatively small investment. Differentiate between yield to maturity and current yield. It can be calculated from today’s value formulation. 100, the produce to maturity equals the promotion rate then. Discuss briefly the facts about term Structure.

Long-term yields have a tendency to be greater than short-term yields. These bubbles burst inevitably, creating crashes. Discuss short-term rankings by Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Briefly. Pakistan Credit Rating Agency. A3: an adequate capacity for timely repayment. Define stock and also discuss its important characteristics. Provide a single line definition of the next. Credit risk: That is a risk which comes up when loans aren’t repaid.

The central Bank or investment company works as a Banker’s Bank or investment company. 1. Lender of last resort. 2. Bank or investment company provides discount loans to banks. Why stocks and shares are dangerous? You are the founder of a car company. Unsystematic risk or risk that is uncorrelated to the overall market risk. Systematic risks impact everyone. If interest rate does not change then what will be the pace of come back?

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