THE FINAL Will Be AirAsia Japan

During the Singapore Airshow, Lion Air of Indonesia verified an order of 380 planes that they announced last year with Boeing, making this the biggest order in conditions of aircraft purchased as well the cost of the order. A purchase was included by The deal of 230 aircraft and an option for an additional 150 more planes.

Among these 230 airplanes, 201 will be the yet-developed Boeing 737 MAX 9 29 would be the Boeing 737-900ER. Lion Air has always been a great customer for Boeing. The airline was the launch customer for the Boeing 737-900ER and currently operated 57 from it with an order of 119 more (Excluding the new order). Currently, the airline operates a fleet of 71 planes with plans to use medium and long-haul travel in 2013 to contend with loves of Scoot, Air, and JetStar Asia X. Not only Lion Air place an order for aircraft.

Finally, after 5 years of service, it seems to me Airbus is struggling with their “superjumbo” A380 still. Recently, Qantas Airways of Australia found cracks on the aircraft wings. For me, it could look a little crack, but any small technical issue is big enough to lower a plane, so zero tolerance should be implement to get the reason of the split. Hopefully, Airbus will solve the issue to revive confidence among passenger that flew the jumbo aircraft properly.

You had to be very rich – like he was – or destitute. And the theory that welfare recipients should have their choice of the prime Real Estate was just insanity. You can gather welfare anywhere – and nobody has a “right” to reside in an expensive neighborhood they cannot afford. That pissed him off excellent. He called me a heartless, cruel bastard who didn’t care about the plight of the poor.

And the irony of his residing in a million-dollar home just didn’t register with him. We have to focus on their every need! We need to build them free houses! They have a right to live wherever they need! Funny thing, though. If you actually have a job and work for a full-time income – a good fairly menial job – you have fewer privileges than the poor.

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You have to live in a neighborhood you can “afford” and often that costs you half your take-home pay – or more. Are we going crazy or what? Why will be the needs of the poor and destitute the best concern of our country suddenly? It isn’t like you will starve to death in the USA. Far, from it. The greatest health problem for the poor in this national country is obesity, not malnutrition. So people in San Francisco – rich people – are falling all over themselves to support eliminating these buses for the tech companies. And fighting to protect run-down ghettos and housing.

And chastising technology companies for hiring people and paying them good wages. And their latest gag is this – the tech companies, like Google, are not hiring minorities enough. They argue that the majority of the social people working in these tech companies are white. But 63% of the population of the USA is white (no really, white individuals are not a minority by a long shot – although some people report that as true today).

If anything, white individuals are under-represented at Google! The nation’s overall population is approximately 63% white, 17% Hispanic, 13% BLACK, and 5% Asian, regarding the Census Bureau. The fact, a company might hire white people is hardly unexpected mainly, as they constitute most of the population. The fact that few blacks are Engineers is hardly surprising, either, given the dearth of qualified graduates in this field.

Tech companies can’t manufacture graduates to fill vacancies. The problem isn’t “white people taking all the jobs” but instead an over-representation of Asians and an under-representation of Blacks (and whites!). Kidding Just. They aren’t. Nobody is. Google, like other people, hires the best people it can find. Rather, than many blacks are graduating with Computer Science degrees.

Certainly insufficient to constitute 13% of the labor force for the reason that field. And the real problem is, people on welfare and working minimum-wage jobs don’t have Computer Science degrees and thus cannot apply for jobs at Google. And the youngsters growing up in the ghetto don’t value education, but instead beat the shit from the one kid who actually tries to succeed in school.