Trademo Intel: Get US Export and Import Data at Your Fingertips

Trademo Intel offers a global data intelligence platform for trade that allows you to search all US imports by ocean. Their data-mining technology transforms messy shipment records into searchable data. This tool’s interface makes it easy go to website quickly analyze millions upon millions of shipment transactions. This platform also includes exporter’s market directory, product space, and relatedness. Learn more about the advantages of this tool. This article will provide you with an overview of some of the most popular functions of the trade data service. For those who have any concerns concerning exactly where as well as the best way to make use of customs records, you can e-mail us at our web-page.

Exporter’s Market Directory

The exporter’s marketplace directory is a great resource for finding new markets for your product. Exporter’s Market Directory provides buyers and sellers the chance to meet each other via their respective websites. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using the directory. It allows buyers to see listings from many suppliers. It also features an industry directory that makes it easy to find a market.


To understand the relationships between US import data and export data, one should first look at the definition of relatedness. A topic’s intensity of input/output linkages between them is known as relatedness. While there are many ways to define relatedness, these examples will show you how they could be used in improving the quality of data. Additionally, relatedness can be defined with any number or combination of designations. Table 800 illustrates how you can determine relatedness using data from US exports and imports.

Dynamically generate tables or charts showing historical trade between U.S. top product and U.S. trade partners

It is possible to create dynamically generated charts or tables that detail historical trade between the U.S. top trade products and its partners. This will give you a complete picture about U.S. trading. This data is available from 2000 through the most recent month-to-date. It can also be organized by country, trade and economic group or geographical region. You can also tabulate data using different product classifications systems, such as HS, NAICS and SITC. Additionally, your charts and tables can include data on top U.S. exporters and importers.

Shipping to the U.S. is expensive

Importing goods from other countries can be costly for American companies. The majority of goods are shipped by sea or land, while less than 1% arrive by air. According to the World Bank air freight is generally between 12-16 times and more expensive than ocean freight. Container fees are not the only costs companies must pay. Companies also have to pay terminal handling and packaging fees. You can expect to ship products from China within 14 days to the U.S. east coast.

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