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Myers, Florida; Athens, Georgia; and Fishers Uptown Indy, Indiana. The Hotel Indigo in Fishers, Indiana is currently a Holiday Inn Express. The guestroom was furnished the same as the king guestroom photos in the hotel website; however, the photos in the hotel website do not portray a precise picture of the guestroom size, because the photos are stretched out. ONCE I compare the photos I took to the professional hotel photos, the furniture is in the professional photos longer, making the guestroom look more spacious. The only extra item I observed in the guestroom was a little fridge.

Since there is no amenity in the guestroom, I again inquired at the front table about the complimentary snacks and beverages listed on the website. The agent said that someone would bring the “green tea amenity” to the guestroom. A pot of sweetened green tea extract and covered chocolates were brought to the guestroom a short time later. The chocolates were delicious; however, if I had been paying for the guestroom, I really do not think I’d book an executive room. 15 more, and the only extras were the snack and the fridge. Usually, when an professional is acquired by me guestroom in a hotel, it offers more luxurious accommodations also, like a bigger bathrobes and guestroom.

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A one serve coffeemaker with good quality espresso was provided on a desk in the guestroom foyer/hall. The bathroom was located across from the coffee desk. The spacious shower experienced stationary glass walls. There was enough space inside the shower area for the solid wood stool, which is shown in the hotel website photos. I forgot to take a picture of this.

A long vanity with mirror was located across from the shower, and the bathroom was in between the shower and vanity. There is minor harm to the mirror frame; it was peeling at the bottom. The sink drain was sluggish, and the shower drained well. Aveeda amenities were provided on the vanity, as well nearly as good quality towels, and a hairdryer.

The bathroom got sufficient room and counter-top space, although it was not as roomy as the other Hotel Indigos I’ve stayed in. A king-size was contained by guestroom area bed, nightstands, a wardrobe closet, flatscreen TV on the stand, fridge, chair and desk, end table, smooth chair, and footstool. I thought the tiny refrigerator was nicer and bigger than what’s usually provided in hotel guestrooms. Lamps were located on the desk, the nightstands, and behind the soft chair.

A time clock and water in bottles for purchase were also on the nightstands. A metal snow bucket and glass glasses were on the tray at the base of the bed when we arrived. The rest quality was not good. The mattress was hard, the cushions were poor, of the night and we could hear the elevator most.

There were several minor spots where the floor was peeled up, although none of them were protruding that we tripped with them enough. There is a restaurant a couple of blocks from the Hotel Indigo called Toasted Mango Cafe. We considered having breakfast there, but we ended up dining at the hotel instead.

The food in H2o Bistro in Hotel Indigo was delicious. The entrees were expensive, although these were very little more than the niche entrees at Toasted Mango Cafe. The portion sizes were generous, and we wished we had split one entree of ordering two instead. I am not just a fan of breakfast burritos usually, although I’d have eaten half of the one my husband ordered. I tasted it, and I thought the flavor was amazing. I had developed an spinach and egg sandwich type entree on a whole wheat bun. I do not recall the name of the menu item.