Faking Good Breeding

Since I started this blog, I’ve viewed every major awards show (even the Golden Globes!) to be able to fully assess the styles for my post-show best and worst-dressed list. Year This, I threw in the towel. I didn’t watch. And chances are, you didn’t either (only 16 million tuned in this past year).

Ryan Seacrest as a web host? Performances consisting of “a song and dance tribute to this year in TV” and a Christina Aguilera/Tony Bennett duet? Sorry, but I have better things you can do with my time even. It’s one of the best new shows of the past few years, yet was totally ignored by the Emmy voters and likely to be canceled soon.

But enough griping. Awards seawards, let’s talk about the clothes! Minnie Driver’s gown is the perfect relationship of lower and color, and it flatters her body, hair, and skin beautifully. Yellow (especially goldenrod) is not a simple color to pull off, but she does it well. Also, all women seemed overdressed or badly dressed for the show (The Emmy’s aren’t as formal as the Oscars) but Minnie hits it on the head by dressing formal but not whatsoever stuffy.

  • For brighter shades of yellowish, choose a blush color that is more peachy or coral toned
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  • Fatigue greater than normal
  • Wear something comfortable but classy

I think big awards shows can be difficult for young actresses, as balancing formal clothes and a wish to look sexy and youthful can be difficult, but Kristen Bell really shows how it’s done. Her full-length turquoise and crimson gown were flown and flattering, while a strapless top kept it young and sexy without displaying too much epidermis. I liked that she kept things simple with minimal jewelry and upswept hair, it kept her from looking over the age of her years.

I don’t know how high Kristen’s heels are under that skirt, but I gotta supply the designer credit to make this 5’1 starlet look about 8 inches taller. I’ve said some mean things about Ellen Pompeo’s awards show clothes before, but she’s really redeemed herself in my eyes this time. First, let’s talk about the hair (click here for a close-up).

This is not a style you normally see on the red carpet (or anywhere else for that matter) and she had taken a big risk for attempting it, but I think it appears really fresh and modern. The belted dress is a nice nod to the fall trends and her gold tassel necklace is absolutely interesting, but I’m still stuck on the hair, which elevates a fairly but boring dress to “wow” levels.