The Coming Chinese Depression MAY BE THE Biggest Story In The World

The coming Chinese depression is the largest story in the whole wide world. As the rest of the world tightens its belt and fifty percent starve in the Greater Deflationary Despair then, who is heading to buy China’s products? Communist capitalism – game over – it wasn’t a good idea anyway.

Too bad 1.3 billion people needed to be infected because of it. China’s white-hot rate of production and mania levels of inflated real property ideals will crash and burn off soon. The old men of the Communist Party of China are carrying out a Marxist scientific planned economy based on fiat money printing that is guaranteed to blow up in their face.

China’s M2 money source has ballooned 450% in the last ten years which includes fueled a real estate mania. What a homely house of credit cards and a hall of mirrors. Already, electricity use in China has gone stopped and flat growing. The peak of the mushrooming mania and coming Chinese depression and collapse can not be too much away.

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At the same time increasing cost-push inflation cuts manufacturing companies’ profit margins and the workers real income actually dropped. Why make real products when you’re able to get 50% results on real property? The papered over overall Chinese economy will grind to a shuddering halt as the rest of the world decreases their buying Chinese junk in the Greater Depression.

China will have the mother of all hard landings because of its fiat paper money printing Ponzi plan on a level never seen before. Bernie Madoff you are a beginner set alongside the Chinese Communists. Fear, food cravings, and human action will truly communist centrally prepared 10 mega-cities of 20 to 30 million people each. The plan is to have 200 cities with a population greater than one million.

In all, the total includes a fantastic five million new buildings and 50,000 new skyscrapers. China’s fascist ideas include moving 350 million rural people into towns where it is easier to provide services (urbanization they call it – now there are a sugar-coated intensifying poison pill). Folks are to be uprooted from their friends, relatives, customs, and traditions forced to live in a smoggy strange metropolis then.

This is Marxism eliminated totally crazy. An all-pervasive totalitarian state thinking “science” can control human animal intuition and financial development (socionomics) in the long run. The Chinese central bank or investment company has its “pedal to the steel” with money printing. Central banks managed by power elite bankers are the nagging problem the world over.

The nefarious globalist rich banking families are trying to shove a one-world Federal government and one-world currency down our throats behind the smokescreens of personal debt ridden economies crashing, wars, and global warming hysteria myths. The ChiComs are now totally influenced by growth which might be typing here in 2011 at a whopping 25 percent per 12 months.