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Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) and local Food & Drug Administration (FDA) representatives. The Director of the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) of the US Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Aguilar is a graduate of Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua (LLB) and Washington College of Law at The American University (LLM).

He has twenty years of experience in intellectual property security and litigation on behalf of local, European and U.S. The community forum and luncheon will be held at Sortis Hotel in Panama City from 8 am to 2 pm. Much of the organization’s work is accomplished through the efforts of volunteer member committees which collaborate to help AMCHAM promote free enterprise in Panama.

AmCham Panama has over 450 active associates, from small local companies to major multinational companies located in the United States. Lombardi Aguilar Group is a collaboration of consultants created as a substitute for clients worldwide who seek fast, effective and innovative solutions to their legal problems. The firm currently provides services to individual and corporate clients in Panama as well in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The company centers its legislation practice in private client services and asset protection (Private Interest Foundations, Trusts), business structures (Offshore Corporations), taxes planning, real estate and e-commerce. It also advices in areas of Law such as Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Maritime, Tax, Environmental, Life Immigration and Sciences Regulation as well as related litigation.

Similar to payable-on-death, you can assign percentage and beneficiaries of accounts proceeds each will get. IRA accounts are distributed to beneficiaries as a lump amount payment usually. Investment accounts can be transferred to the designated beneficiary as a roll-over account or lump sum payment. Transfer-on-death can be used to transfer automobiles also, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and watercraft. Not all states allow assignment of TOD beneficiaries on titled property.

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If a state prohibits transfer-on-death, obtain a joint title and add the meant beneficiary’s name. In case of your loss of life, the beneficiary can provide a death certificate and transfer the house into his own name. If you’re wedded, obtain joint possession name for real estate. Joint ownership allows your partner to inherit the house in the event of your death automatically. If you’re single you can bequeath real estate by adding beneficiaries to the house title. Finally, you can avoid probate by “gifting” property and personal belongings when you are alive. 20,000 per married couple, year per. 12,000 in one calendar year require the filing of a federal present tax return.

Since Limited Liability Companies are run by the owners, they have their own operating agreement. These are decided Once, submitting with the state government bodies can include the LLC. Thus the decision of business structure and the incorporation of it are important. Hence, it is advisable to get counsel from a lawyer before incorporating a restricted Liability Company.