The Journey Of Learning

As I was considering what I would blog about this week a concept came if you ask me as I was giving a little table a new look, a re-do you may say! I used to be in the mood this past week to do something creative but just a little different from my drawing and designing. I had developed an older table or actually a plant stand that was not in use so I sanded it down as it was a cherry solid wood color and i quickly gave it several coats of aluminium gloss paint. Gold but a far more muted build Almost, I believe it looks great.

Here are some pictures! Only a re-do and it offers a brand new look, perfect to set a seed or a plate of fruit on! I coated a vase holder and a candle holder too also, you know when you begin it`s hard to avoid! So how does this relate with business you say, well sometimes one can get stuck or possibly in a rut where you merely keep viewing things and doing things the same manner you will have. When you find something is no longer working in your business you need to have a close look at why it`s not working and exactly how you could do something differently .

The great thing in business is that you are never completely stuck, it may take some time and work but you can make changes, refocus and start too fresh if you have! There is nothing wrong with re-doing something that`s not progressing or providing you the results you`re after. Stay passionate and devote the time and energy to your business and you`ll soon see success. Month in my own store I`ve been having a great, Designs by Shell. Focusing on fresh new designs and tweeking some existing ones. Thanks for going to and feel absolve to leave a comment. Want to hear how others are doing!

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Tu B’Shevat: Jewish Arbor Day, used for determining the age of trees for several religious purposes. January or early Feb Occurs in late. You can find no restrictions with this holiday that could require accommodation. Purim: Jewish Mardi Gras, pretty much. This is a partying vacation celebrating the rescue of the Jews from a Hitler-like amount bent on genocide.

Occurs in March, a month before Passover, day and lasts for just one. Although work is not forbidden with this holiday technically, a small quantity of Jews prefer never to focus on it because of rabbinical dictum that no good should come from work done on this day. Yom Ha-Shoah: Holocaust Memorial Day.

A day to keep in mind the victims of the Holocaust. Occurs in late April or early May. No accommodations are usually needed. Yom Ha-Atzma’ut, Yom Ha-Zikkaron, Yom Yerushalayim: Israeli Independence Day, Israeli Memorial Day and Jerusalem Day. Shavu’ot: Commemorates the Giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Occurs between Memorial Day and Independence Day, and lasts for just one or two days, depending on your branch.

Like Sukkot, this vacation is every bit as important as Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but most American Jews don’t view it that way. About 10% of Jews do not work on this holiday, in accordance with Jewish rules. Tisha B’Av: A fast commemorating the damage of the Temple in Jerusalem and other tragedies.