5 Best Fitness Trackers Under $50

100, you don’t need to spend that much to get a highly effective high-tech health helpers. 50 with all the features you’re likely to need. 330 Garmin Forerunner, these trackers can handle basic step tracking to help track your activity and motivate you for further. 49.99. While these trackers have fewer features than their pricier counterparts, you can expect step monitoring and the capability to set fitness goals and wirelessly sync with your personal computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth. You’ll also find budget trackers with good results higher-price trackers eschew: replaceable batteries.

Remembering to recharge your fitness tracker every couple of days and fumbling with complicated dongles can be frustrating, while swapping out an electric battery every six months is easy. These budget trackers are made from somewhat cheaper materials than more costly trackers, typically plastic rather than aluminum or other high-end materials. Many don’t have screens for displaying information; you need to consult your smartphone to discover what they’ve monitored.

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Their accuracy can be less reliable, too. Low-end trackers worn on a wristband will track hand movements as steps, while higher-end devices are smarter about classifying different types of movement usually. Style is frequently lacking here, too, with fewer customization options and larger sizes than comparable products at higher price points. If you’re fine with a tracker in a silicone wristband that comes in a variety of colors, a low-end tracker will be fine. But if you would like something with a high-end leather music group or a popular pendant holder, you’ll need to take a look at pricier trackers. Tidbit makes typically the most popular fitness trackers on the marketplace, and their budget tracker is a good option even.

It covers the expected basics by monitoring steps, distance, and calories burned, but this budget tracker won’t monitor your rest or wake you up with a security alarm. Like the Misfit Flash, it has a replaceable battery that can last for up to six months – convenient because you’ll never need to worry about charging. Where does the Zip stand out? Partly, you’re buying into Fitbit’s reputation for high-quality fitness trackers that last, yet the lowest-cost trackers can be on the flimsy side. The Zip has a plastic body with a rounded rectangular shape measuring just 1.4 ins tall.

You can drop it in your pocket or fit it into a snug silicon case with a clip to add it to your bra or waistband. Unlike many trackers with this list, the Zip has a small LCD display, which means you can easily see your latest data without pulling out your phone. You will find no control keys.

Tap on the display to routine through options on the screen. If you wish to track data as time passes, it syncs with your smartphone or computer so you can easily access everything. What you’re paying for here are the Fitbit brand and the LCD screen. Like the majority of Misfit’s trackers, the Flash is a thin circular drive that fits in a clip or wristband and that means you can wear it however you would like. There’s no display here, only a series of 12 LED lights around the edge of the group that show how close you are to achieving your daily fitness goals.

The Flash tracks the number of steps you take, the length you’ve traveled and the calories from fat you’ve burned – all the features you’d expect from any tracker. It tracks sleep also, which not all low-end trackers do and can automatically tell if you are doing certain types of exercise including walking, running and cycling or playing soccer, tennis, or baseball.

They’re nice additions to the basic feature set. The very best feature of the Flash is its battery pack life: up to six months, at which point you merely swap in a brand new watch battery for another six months. 100-and-up tracker, the majority of which won’t last a week without charging. 43 on Amazon. They have every one of the top features of the Flash plus better rest tracking (tracking light, and deep sleep cycles) and a light-weight aluminum body that’s waterproof up to 50 meters. Since the Shine automatically monitors going swimming as well as the Flash’s other exercises, it is the perfect budget buy for swimmers. There’s one thing most trackers in this cost range lack: style.