Your Investment Questions Answered

Is there a way to setup some kind of joint accounts/trust/thing for the kids? If so, any kind of glaring reasons never to do that? Is it easier to keep things simple vs a reasonably minor benefit? Hi Paul, so I have got this right, the Grandparents have been offering money to the eldest (at birth and on birthdays), but when the youngest arrived they forgot to do the same/split this amongst each of them? The next thing is are the Grandparent’s gifts going through you, or direct?

You may choose to consider establishing a stocks and shares and shares Junior ISA (or keep with cash if you like) for each child and then give their Grandparents fine detail on both accounts should they wish to give them further sums. Alternatively, you could setup either a joint trust or specific trusts.

The advantage of a joint trust is that you can ensure any money paid into this is distributed between your two children fairly. Contact Nik if you would like to debate your options off collection. The annoying thing is that whenever the youngsters were born I wanted to run these cost savings accounts on the Excel spreadsheet with the money being held inside our offset account against our home loan. They might have been earning 3 Then.5% interest by reducing our mortgage interest rather than 0.1% after Halifax drawn an easy one. And the money could not have been handed down to the children so keeping their amounts would even have been as simple as dividing the total by two.

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  • Show them they’re the only investment bank or investment company you want to work for
  • Insurance (building, material, public liability)
  • Get paid to shop
  • Jan 1, 2015: 150

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