Trump’s 3-Way Tax Plan

TORRANCE, CA. Trump’s new tax laws increase the standard deduction and makes changes in the tax rates, but this is not how Mr. Trump reduces his fees. He knows that the tax liability is derived by multiplying the taxable income by the appropriate tax bracket rate. The low the taxable income, the lower the rate, thus the low the tax responsibility.

Herein lays Trump’s tax-savings plan. TRUMP’S THREE WAYS TO LESSEN TAXABLE INCOME. 1. Spread income as time passes 2. Spread income to various entities 3. Group income and expenses Knowing each one of these three concepts will permit you to intelligently apply a tax-savings plan like Trumps. Spreading Income as time passes Time Property provides the chance to spread the income over several years using the installment sales method of reporting.

By accepting a relatively low down payment and spreading the main payments over many years, total taxable income for any one year is reduced. In real estate the tax-deferred exchange method, income can be spread over time. Both methods can be structured to give you maximum re-porting flexibility. Spreading Income to Various Entities Spreading income to various entities reduces the income of any one entity has to report. By moving ownership of resources to companies, partnerships, family members, or trusts, a highly effective transfer of income can be achieved as well. Relatives in low-income mounting brackets can be paid for services provided.

As long as these services symbolize legitimate business transactions, dispersing income in this manner can save you a large number of tax dollars. When operating entities have dissimilar tax reporting years and basis (cash or accrual), it is possible to spread income and expenses over different years to take benefit of the tax laws. Group Income and Expenses Grouping income and expenses can lower taxable income.

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Real estate provides the flexibility to implement this kind of a tax-planning strategy. More specifically, real estate, it fit within this is of energetic involvement rules perfectly. When changes in either expenses or income can be projected, the advantages of grouping are phenomenal. For example, refinancing will generate an increased interest expenditure deduction to offset anticipated increases in local rental income.

Short-term loan contracts with high factors will accomplish the same thing. If expenditures are projected to increase, offset them by increasing receipts from installment contracts. Avoid reporting income when notes become due by renegotiating an expansion of time. If the senior mort-gage matures before your take note, subordinate it to new financing to avoid payment. Capital gains and losses can be grouped to maximum tax benefits as well.