‘How My Acne Helped Me GENERATE A $1 Million Business’

WHEN Ellana Byers decided to produce her own method for her skin problem she never thought it could make her loaded. ELLANA Byers developed the idea for her million dollar natural brand BeCoyote while ranking before her mirror each morning, doing her makeup. She wanted a natural, mineral-based product – mineral makeup is free from substance fillers and preservatives – but couldn’t find whatever worked.

“I quickly realised there is a gap in the market. So a lttle bit was taken by me of a different approach when doing my market research. Instead of focusing on the reasons why people like mineral makeup, I decided that my target market will be the people who didn’t enjoy it,” Ms Byers said. “I needed to learn why they disliked the mineral makeup they had tried. The most frequent reason people disliked it was because the foundations did not give enough coverage, they didn’t last all day, it itchy made them, plus they were difficult to apply uniformly.” she said.

  1. Get concealer and put a major dot on under vision circles. Use a rolling action
  2. It’s unique – and even beautiful
  3. 5 years ago from Oregon
  4. This process to normally deep cleanse your skin layer can be repeated 2-3 times in a week

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As intimidating as homemade skincare prodcuts was to me, I finally made a decision to give it a try. Through the years, I’ve spent big money checking out different products to cope with acne, blackheads, and oily skin. I’ve even slash out gluten and dairy. A number of the products I used were pretty helpful in controlling my oily face situation, but I wasn’t happy with the number of chemicals in their ingredients.