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This week has been an exceptionally tough week for me personally as well as my children. On new year’s eve, I received information that my cousin could have got into an accident. Moments later, his passing was verified which was a disastrous news for me away. He was only 27 years old and celebrated his birthday a couple of days prior to the occurrence happened just. This cousin was to me close, very close in fact.

2 days before his passing on, we still communicated on the phone and I said that when he comes home from his overseas trip, we can set up the right time to meet. But, he didn’t manage to come back. The whole of this week was very difficult. We tried to help out for his wake whenever you can. It had been an emotional 3 times as his friends emerged one after another. Hundreds of them came from all over Singapore.

Some offered their eulogy and I possibly could sense my cousin made an impact in his short 27 years of his life. It is painful to lose someone to you in life close. We grew up in the same neighbourhood for days gone by 20 over years collectively. I would review to his house and he to my house as we stayed quite nearby.

A lot of things I really do now still reminds me of him. Even going to the gym this morning reminds me of him because we went to gym together before and he would always encourage me to do more models and tell me the way the exercises should be achieved. We also experienced night time chats at one of the benches at the sports activities complex.

Its hard to ignore someone close and really now I am aware what it means to lose someone. My cousin was special. He was interested in fund and investments as well. We discussed life often, about investments and the dreams he had to have his own business. Knowing I had a financial blog, he got me mixed up in investment golf club he is at at NTU.

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I attended a few events organised by NTU interactive investment golf club back 2015 such as FINEX which really is a financial amazing competition style event, Singapore Financial conference and lastly the National Cashflow competition. Some of you may have attended these events too as I posted it on my blog. The national cashflow competition used the financial boardgame cashflow 101 for many years but some of the concepts weren’t that applicable in the Singapore context.

One of his NTU professors whom he respected a lot came for the wake. The teacher said he was a particular student, often standing out among the class. When the professor said maybe we ought to have a Singapore version financial game, my cousin was quick to consider up the duty and created a complete new financial board game for use for your competition.

To this day, I’m impressed with the concepts he came out, the game stream and the many late nights he spent merely to complete the board game in time for the competition. The financial game was called Asset Finesse this means having the skills and capability to manage our assets with ease. I was told by the teacher that the game is still used in the national cashflow competition till this day. He has indeed left a legacy behind. As you can see, the board game was played by a huge selection of students across Singapore all, each year 500 to be exact.