My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

It is apparent if you ask me now that I have to involve some clear motivation to access my goal weight. When this journey was begun by me four years ago my inspiration was skydiving. There is a weight limit and I exceeded it. I decided to have to prove that I was under the limit in front of a group.

Looking back again that was a silly notion, but it worked well therefore I don’t care. Since that time, I’ve got various reasons to lose weight and they’ve proved helpful for at least the short term. At two points along this journey, I’ve been 20 pounds away from goal. Here today 60 pounds away I sit down. I’m tired of that. I’ve surely got to find a way out that will be for good. As resolute as I am and as adamantly as I shout I am going to never regain those pounds again, I know I need something more than dedication. I also know that a goal to be healthy just won’t work for me personally.

That is merely to nebulous and hard to measure. I can’t go get a blood chemistry every week to find out if my cholesterol is in the right range. I really don’t trust my emotions concerning how to determine if I feel better today than I did so last week. Besides there are way too many outdoors factors that regulate how I feel about my fitness. Not all of which I could control. At this time, I have a good motivator in that a wedding is got by me approaching on, may 12. That’s great!

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I’ll be spot on with my plan between occasionally. That is the ‘easy’ part. My problem is May 13. I have to have something beyond that. Something bigger than a time on the calendar. I know from experience that I need more. I simply haven’t put my finger onto it yet.

For now, I’m enjoying the motivation that the wedding brings and perhaps by enough time May 13 will come, I’ll have hit upon another thing that is more far reaching and sustainable when compared to a date on a calendar. I’m available to suggestion. BTW, since I made the change that Sharon suggested, I haven’t experienced any more of these spam comments. I am hoping the changes don’t make it too difficult for me to get the responses I must say I want. Please, let me know if anyone is having trouble. I don’t want that.

The Velodrome is over 20 mls from where I live and realistically is accessible by car. In conclusion, the Rice Track, which apparently are open to the public (I have never asked, but never been questioned) represents and intensely safe, extremely consistent spot to ride, perfect for interval training, and screening one’s fitness. I’m sure I am not by yourself in being happy that it has reopened.