Living Stingy: 04/01/2019

Is it too early for history to guage the last President? Barack Obama now is retired, generally, and the legacy of his eight years as President is becoming just a little clearer with each transferring day. I believe it will be remembered as a blended legacy. He tried to do the right thing, he thought, however the final results were significantly less than optimal often. Obviously, it didn’t help that for six of the eight years he previously in office, he previously an intransigent GOP-dominated Congress thwarting his every move – and even court nominees.

I think Obama made a lot of blatant mistakes, however – mainly aiming to appeal to an ideology rather than being pragmatic and compromising. And often Obama settled for what he thought was right, rather than what could have gotten done. 1. Clock Boy: You might not remember this, but back in 2015, a young Muslim guy brought a disassembled alarm clock to school in a pencil case.

I eventually own a similar pencil case and similar alarm clock and readily known the components. Others have likewise reconstructed his “clock” as well. He claimed to have “made” it, but in fact, he simply disassembled a standard large-display noisy alarms and put the components in a pencil container, and brought it to school. The kid was a genius barely.

Nevertheless, the press seized upon this event. He was asked to put the clock away, and following the security alarm went off, a teacher became alarmed (sorry about the pun) and delivered him to the main, thinking it was some kind of bomb perhaps. The media cried “racism” and “Islamophobia” and the whole thing got blown (again, sorry) out of proportion.

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Ordinarily, this should have been an area matter, but Obama thought he previously part of and fix things better, inviting the youngster and his family to the White House and inspecting the supposed “invention” and contacting it neat. The family threatened to go overseas, and briefly do – only to realize that “freedom” in many Arab countries is somewhat illusory.

Why was this a blunder on Obama’s part? It illustrates his instinct to inject himself – and the presidency – into trivial and local issues, to make points with people. If he had stepped and considered it back, he’d have realized that kid didn’t “invent” anything, any more than I did once i disassembled my Mother’s vacuum once i was six years of age.