The Stock Scribe

Royal Wolf Holdings will list on the ASX on 31 May 2011. The business lead supervisor and underwriter are Credit Suisse and the co-managers are Commonwealth Securities and E.L. A number of institutional traders were dropping over themselves to get stock in the corporation and I could see the reasons for their attraction. Royal Wolf makes its money from leasing and offering portable storage containers. It has a big market share of this business in Australia and New Zealand.

While the business may sound boring, it’s precisely the type of business that traders such as myself like. The other nice thing about Royal Wolf is that it has a very diverse clientele, so are there no individual clients that take into account significant amounts of income. 133.8 million. Conservative accounting is to be applauded. 1.83 and I wouldn’t be too surprised to view it list at reduced to that price based on what I’m hearing regarding demand for the stock. There haven’t been any Australian IPOs in the last 3 years that I have been thinking about.

Too many of the companies have been of average quality and the prices asked have generally been too high. Royal Wolf is different. It is a good quality company and the purchase price is reasonable. Only clients of the lead and co-managers were asked to use for shares. Please, be aware that as always, none of the above constitutes financial advice, as with any investment there are risks. You must do your own research and consult appropriately qualified people for advice (where necessary).

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