6 Low-Cost Website Options For Nonprofits

If you should do good work, then you need good tools to complete the job. A website is one of a nonprofit’s most significant tools. It helps you gather donations, spread the term about your mission, and get your name out into the world. If your website is shabby, then interpersonal people might be getting the wrong message about your nonprofit.

The first step to creating your nonprofit’s website can be considered a frightening one. From creating an attractive layout to writing content, there’s a whole great deal that switches into it. Fortunately, with the help of website builders, that working job has turned into a lot easier. They make making a website very easy that anyone can do it-even a humble nonprofit professional like yourself. These resources all provide free options, too, so a feel can be got by you for the website contractor before you consider paying for an update.

In your search for a top-of-the-line website, you’ll strike the jackpot with these tools. At Nonprofit Hub, we believe websites are an investment, and skimping on quality is hardly ever the best option. While everyone should spend money on their website, we know not every nonprofit can fork out for the robust website they need. To tide you over until you get the gravy teach movin ‘and shakin’, are five low-cost website options for nonprofits here.

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Squarespace is the Apple of the website-building world. It’s simple, refined and clean on the trunk end and the front. Squarespace leaves out all the hubbub and gives visitors to your site an obvious call to action. Squarespace makes it easy to include new pages and to include new content through galleries, event calendars, blogs and more.

Their donation features also enables you to accept donations through your website. You can personalize your donation web page and set recommended efforts for donors. You can even change email receipts to ensure that each donor gets an individual experience. So far as the framework goes, your customization is more limited here than on other website builders. That’s not a bad thing, though!

Squarespace knows their stuff as it pertains to the web experience. Keeping some restraints in-line for website builders means that you aren’t adding too much mess without recognizing it. If you’re alright with quitting some control to maintain a stylish site, squarespace is the place to be then. Your nonprofit comes with an arsenal of stand-out photos to use. Squarespace’s templates are very photo-heavy and visual. You’ll get the most from it, if you show the folks and causes you support rather than just authoring them.