Create A FREE OF CHARGE Website With Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Today small business owners need to save money anyway they can, even when it comes to creating an existence on the Internet. Microsoft Office Live Workspace offers free websites, website hosting, and all the various tools essential to create a specialist website easily. Creating the website only takes a few steps. Head to Microsoft Office Live Workspace and click the link to create a free of charge website. When you have a Microsoft already, MSN or Hotmail account, you can sign up using your email and existing security password.

If not, you can sign up for an account using a verifiable email address as your Live ID. Design your site by entering the Page Manager. Office Live begins your website for you, creating a site with Home, About Us, Site Map, and E-MAIL US webpages included already. In the Page Manager, you will be able to alsomake galleries for the documents, templates and images used in the website.

Click the Edit tab next to a page to enter the Page Editor. In the editor you add text, images, change layout, and create navigational links. Edit text by choosing the text style, color, and size from the main tool bar and clicking in a text box and begin typing simply.

Images can be published to the web site from your computer hard drive or from an internet picture hosting site. Click on the Layout tabs to choose from a large variety of web-page layouts. Click on the Navigation tab to create a page hierarchy that automatically links the webpages collectively and creates mother or father, sub-pages and child. Click the Site Designer tab to apply style and themes sheets to one page or the whole site. Themes are designed to correspond to the kind of business the site shall be promoting such as accounting, pets, health, or retail.

The style bedding offer different header layouts featuring logos, name and navigational bars. For users that are savvy with web publishing, the advanced configurations grant access to the HTML portion of the site where you can make changes or upload your own website layout. After you have finished focusing on your website, Office Live updates the web version of the site automatically. You will have the option of purchasing a domain through Microsoft or you can transfer a domain that you already own to your brand-new website for free.

You can also use the area that was released to the website when you registered, which is a long combination of your email ID, the site’s subject and Office Live. Besides a free website, the account also includes access to the Resource Center which features tutorials on how to maintain your website updated, how to market your website and the way to increase web site traffic. The website also comes with up to one hundred free email accounts that will use the site’s domain name.

  1. Follow through and download all available updates
  2. Get a Better Web Host
  3. I advise against creating a separate home partition
  4. Experience in the publishing industry a plus
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