Integrate SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Into Your Marketing Plan

Having spent days gone by two decades in a variety of marketing roles, I’ve found that you start with a solid marketing plan greatly increases the possibility of a successful product release, awareness marketing campaign, or to generate leads program. I generally focus on the target audience and our goals and use those parameters to create a detailed plan. Social media will not change this technique. It can, however, add some new activities.

Social media makes it much easier so that you can put marketing property, that you were creating anyhow, in places where your leads and customers will get them. A new customer success story offers you lots of great content to leverage on social media. If your customer is doing a webinar to talk about their positive experience with your product, you can promote it using public media and engage with your online community to know what these are most thinking about studying.

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While traditional marketing resources (datasheets, solution briefs, white documents, slide decks) still play a significant role in the sales process, public mass media has shifted anticipations about how exactly people prefer to consume content. Now, people expect to find information in easy to process chunks, in a multitude of forms, including video, and in places where they already go to find information, including se’s. Marketers often make the error of viewing sociable press in isolation when they actually need a built-in marketing plan.

In this scenario, a social media strategy supports the entire marketing strategy and it is not seen as a detached activity. For campaigns, social press provides additional stations to attain your audience. Furthermore to immediate marketing via email, traditional email, and phone, you can put your calls and will be offering to action on social sites where people in your target market congregate.

As with other digital marketing initiatives, you can track which sites, headlines, and will be offering to deliver the best results. When you have to supply the return on investment for the time and money you have been spending on social media, you should have the information you will need to create reviews, analyze, and enhance your marketing spending.

Also consider doing a podcast (see Rule 11, “Podcasts are Easy”) or a video (see Rule 20, “Exploit Video with YouTube”); it can be as easy as a 2-minute white board session documented with a pocket video camera. Social media provides an opportunity for dialogue with potential customers and customers, enabling you to focus your marketing activities on what counts to them most. You can learn their difficulties and priorities, allowing your product managers to fine-tune product roadmaps as they learn new information about where their solutions match the overall market.

If your sales force is typical, they constantly request new promotions and marketing materials so they have a convincing reason to visit speak to their accounts. Since you in any case are building these assets, why not leverage them on interpersonal to mass media to develop an understanding and generate leads? Your credibility as a marketing professional, and part of your bonus probably, depend upon it.

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