Nurture Before You Can Reap

Our amazing team of consultants have invested the last 9 years creating and perfecting a broad spectrum of business development solutions, services, tools, and programs that have proven to have a measurable impact on business and financial growth. We are fortunate to be part of at the very top team of pioneers changing the landscape of the dynamic sector. Our passion is our compass, directing people and businesses towards successful development.

We now have small, medium, and large companies on our programs, across all industries with amazing results averaging 60% development in net income, year on our customized programs turnover and more jobs created in less than one. There are several contributing factors that support why we consistently deliver such a higher growth rates, but we would like to share only a few reasons with you.

• We believe all companies are unique with specific needs, which is why we customize each and every program we run. We do not believe in all approach is installed by a one size or pre-loaded solution. • We believe the personalities/strengths and weaknesses of the owners and management team of a business have a direct impact on every part of how that business runs. • We identified 10 key growth areas which we assess and develop in all businesses, no matter size or industry, as this forms a good foundation for the business. Companies would need to be growing in every these areas exponentially.

• We think that growth never ceases and companies would always need support and assist with take their business to another level. This is why we never sever the relationship with suppliers. We have further developed some innovative mobile solutions that allow us to offer ongoing support including monitoring and evaluation. • We first determine the level of the business and their specific needs before we start working with the supplier. A comprehensive assessment is conducted that allows us to only fix what needs repairing.

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We are not in the business of wasting finances and ticking boxes. We would rather get assessed on the impact in the business as opposed to the work completed. • Our solutions are evolving and improving constantly. We have a very good evaluation and monitoring system in place, and our methodology permits rapid change. Creating a liquid solution helps create flow. • We believe that there is not sufficient cooperation within the sector, and while great work is being done, the players are all working in their silos which are negatively impacting business and financial growth in South Africa. 1. Assist and support you to revive your business and operate at ideal levels.

2. Assess and review your personal and team dynamics. 3. Increase overall business efficiency and performance. 4. Up skill existing workforce and put into action change management procedures. 5. Develop and improve your Sales process. 6. Conduct a comprehensive skills evaluation and identify skills gaps. 7. Develop and review your financial management process and plans.