The Big Picture

20 bn of Chinese investment is taking place but there is certainly reason to be skeptical. One ought never to be amazed at the results. Negotiations can yield a fair outcome only when it happens between equals or between a robust entity and a less powerful one who sometimes appears as a partner. Neither condition is fulfilled in India’s case. China and India remain competitors on the Asia stage so as India can be involved much.

China views the rivalry as settled in its favor considering that the Chinese economy is today five times India’s and China is a lot more powerful militarily. The only significant resolution that can be done on the boundary issue is that India allows China’s claims on the traditional western border (Aksai Chin) while China concedes India’s promises in the east (Arunachal Pradesh). This was the deal that Chou-en-Lai offered Nehru but it was rejected by the latter. Today, China could very well be even warier about Tibet and about the status of Arunachal Pradesh which border it hence. So, the “talks” on the border are bound to drag on until the gap between India and China is narrowed.

This means India’s growth rate must overtake China and it must stay that way for, say, five years. India’s economy is bound to speed up and China’s is bound to slow down. The military issue for India is how to counter a greatly better neighbor which has the advantage of geography in the North (since China is positioned at a higher level in Tibet)? An air base that opened 2 yrs in Campbell Bay ago, Great Nicobar, has used Indian military airplanes 300km closer than before to the Malacca Strait. Other airstrips are being built or lengthened to take care of a big airplane apparently, including the Hercules transport airplane.

Airfields for helicopters will follow. The navy wants to deploy drones to track passing ships. New coastguard stations serve a similar purpose. Regular naval exercises with neighbors are interspersed with big international training maneuvers hosted in the Andamans and named “Millan”. The newest involved 17 navies in a disaster-relief exercise designed to mark ten years following the 2004 Asian tsunami. The Chinese nine-dash range is claimed by Taiwan also, as the descendant of the “Republic of China” whose mapmakers produced it. It sweeps through the “exclusive financial zones” asserted under UNCLOS by Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Vietnam, and Philippines. The Philippines is challenging its legal validity.

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But even if it wins, UNCLOS cannot adjudicate on sovereignty over islands, rocks, or shoals. And China will ignore it anyway. America’s famed ‘pivot’ towards Asia is dictated by this display of Chinese assertiveness and the need to counter it. Japan and East Asia are not similar to the task quite.

The US may be stretched in commencing this exercise only. That is where India and Indian naval power come in. An interest is experienced by THE UNITED STATES in bolstering India so that it can be a more useful partner to itself. PM Modi must see this more obviously after the Chinese president’s visit. The proper collaboration between India and the united states, started by Vajpayee and continued by Manmohan Singh, will be carried ahead by Modi even though last years of the Obama program may not start to see the proper rectification from it.

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