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Responsibilities included labeling and filling prescriptions in bubble packages and vials, ordered medications back, compounding, loaded IV prescriptions, and noticed IV infusions, received and shelved daily inventory and pre-packed medications, prepared and manifested medications for delivery. Responsibilities included personal care, personal safety, meal preparation, grocery shopping, household maintenance, travel support (includes doctor visits and other appointments), companionship, prescription maintenance and administration, and are taking vital signs (i.e. blood pressure).

Responsibilities included the management of health insurance and welfare plans. Confirmed the computations of monthly high quality claims for everyone retirement and health care benefit plans. Supervised financial administration of the 401(k) plan. Caused TPA on COBRA administration. Assisted individuals and other interested parties with the understanding and description of the Plans’ services, rules, regulations, and methods. Administered health and welfare plan advantage programs for everyone employees and retirees, including enrollments, death, and changes claims.

Responsible for the annual open-enrollment task for all energetic participants including upgrading forms, marketing communications, and year-end marketing communications to retirees. In charge of the management and analyses of great benefit processes. Audited data integrity and made recommendations for improvements. Development and Training of benefit processes. Managed internal benefit representatives on escalated claims issues. Managed day-to-day administration of colleagues’ benefits; welfare and health, life insurance, and business travel incident insurance. Conducted benefits orientation. Conducted regular monthly and quarterly audits and accounts reconciliations of billing, eligibility, FSA, and optional life. Managed a web-based annual open enrollment. Managed discrimination processing and tests of health and welfare 5500 reports. Administered health & welfare plans including medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and COBRA.

Managed SAP data source for advantage elections and work statuses. Conducted new hire benefit enrollment meetings. Assisted and backed 401(k) Plan administration. Ensured all record keeping activity posted accurately on the record keeping system (Omniplan) for described contribution plans. Analyzed system reviews and resolved and researched discrepancies. Supported record keeping technicians and provided defined contributions support for benefit specialist. Provided training regarding defined contributions plans, 401(k), 403(b), and 401(a) with regard to daily maintenance, efforts, directions, investments, account reconstructions and adjustments, QDRO split control, loan issues and repayments, retirements, terminations, and withdrawals.

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What College Degree Is Good for Humanitarian Aid? 1 What Should I Major in If I Desire to be an exclusive Investigator? 2 What MAY I Do With a B.A. Humanitarian help employees provide food, medical treatment, and other services to people who reside in politically, economically, or environmentally unpredictable countries. Since the services humanitarian aid workers offer are so diverse, the type of degree you should obtain largely depends on the type of work you’d like to do. You might need a graduate degree for certain fields, but the areas might only require a bachelor’s level. Physicians and other doctors are on leading lines when it comes to providing humanitarian aid.

Organizations like Doctors Without Borders provide health care and treatment to the people across the world who live in dangerous, violent, or catastrophic environments. To work generally in most humanitarian aid organizations that offer medical care, you’ll need to have a medical degree or a degree in a field like nursing, nutrition, or pharmacology. But many medical organizations also need people with backgrounds in non-medical fields to provide administrative support, including human resources professionals and financial coordinators.

In such situations, earning a degree in business or management is definitely an asset. Social work might be one of the very most useful majors for people who wish to work in humanitarian assistance. Based on the National Association of Social Workers, social employees provide a wide range of services in international humanitarian aid organizations, such as working to protect and promote children’s rights, gender equality, and women’s privileges.

Social workers get the education and trained in a wide range of areas useful for humanitarian help work, including advocacy, social work practice, social services, and interpersonal policy. A bachelor’s degree is usually the entry-level degree needed to work as a social worker generally in most humanitarian aid organizations, but many public workers who specialize in this field have master’s or doctoral degrees in social work.